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Behind every successful company lies an authentically remarkable story.

Behind every successful company lies an authentically remarkable story.

Our Story

Since our launch in 2001, our top priority remains to this day to provide our clients the very best in financial care and expertise, supported by the industry’s best and most innovative tools. We were founded on a vision of a more personal and intimate wealth management and financial planning experience; one that wasn’t clouded in overly complex terms and investment ambiguities, but one with a simple and clear commitment to empowering our clients with the experience, solutions and knowledge to live the life they love. In 2019, we decided it was time to create an enhanced corporate image that was authentic to this approach and externally represented the internal values that have established us as one of the nation’s leading wealth management and financial planning companies.

To help us in this important endeavor, we partnered with a leading marketing firm on a journey to discover and create a new brand identity. It was important to us that we create an authentic message and visual footprint that precisely aligned with our organization’s culture and the passion that has driven us since our inception. The process was intensive and grounded in science-based learnings about our company’s culture and values. It included nine months of insightful discussions, industry research and important self-reflection, all driven by a comprehensive employee survey that served as the foundation of our new brand identity.

We’re excited to share the Banyan Wealth brand story.


Why Banyan?

Reinforcing the Relationship of Family, Health and Our Client's Financial Well-Being

As our client's trusted financial partner, we understand that the true meaning of wealth isn’t about purchasing the new home or latest car. It’s about living life to the fullest and protecting what matters most in life – their family and ensuring the health and happiness of those they love. With this in mind, Nick Sergio, Banyan Wealth’s Founder and Chief Investment Officer, sought a new name and corporate identity that uniquely represented this mission and the organizational values that have fueled the team’s success for over 20 years. The new name needed to demonstrate the importance of family from both Nick’s personal perspective and that of the team’s clients.

The word “Banyan” was a natural fit. In addition to being strongly symbolic of the team’s values, five of the six letters of the word represent the first names of his family. Lastly, the “y” represents the team’s philosophy of helping clients discover their “why” and building a personal financial plan that helps deliver financial confidence to ensure their families are always well protected.

Banyan Tree Symbolism

Across the world, the Banyan tree carries important symbolic meanings. Lore has it, if you see the tree, it’s a sign of growth and lifelong happiness. In some cultures, it’s viewed as a place where people meet to discuss serious matters and enjoy one another’s company. The Banyan Tree also represents knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment, strength, “fulfillment of wishes,” family, good health and wealth – all represented across Banyan Wealth’s core values and cultural attributes.

The Story Behind the Banyan Wealth Logo and Color

Banyan Wealth’s distinctive logo and color was developed to further reinforce the company’s culture and client-centric wealth management and financial planning approach. The logo icon was purposely developed in a circular design as the shape represents community, friendship, relationships, stability, commitment and unity.

Within the circle, a banyan tree is visible with five distinct portions. Each portion represents Banyan Wealth’s corporate values of Education, Compassion & Humility, Vision, Discipline and Persistence. The color green evokes clarity of mind and the balancing of emotions – two critical behaviors for financial success. The lighter shade of green represents freshness and growth while the darker shade relates to prestige and wealth.

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